A few make up storage ideas

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Storing makeup can become a problem when you have enough to open a shop, and I am personally still looking for the perfect solution- a place to store it all, in one unit however I fear no single unit would be big enough.

However in the mean time I am using all sorts of different boxes, baskets and drawers to fit it all in.
I thought I’d show you in case anyone was after a small makeup storage place.

Muji is a shop full of storage solutions and quite well known for their acrylic drawers and units.

I have 3 sets of their acrylic drawers, two small ones and one large one.

In the small ones I store some of my lip glosses as shown in the picture and in the other one I store some of my single eye shadows – my palettes don’t fit in sadly, so they currently live in a wicker. basket.

The large Muji drawers are not shown as I currently have necklaces in that one.
You can see their selection of acrylic storage on their website which is www.muji.eu
Then in the pictures you can see a acrylic lipstick holder, which is along the same lines and design as Muji but it’s actually from John Lewis (£10)
It houses approx 25-30 lipsticks – ideally I’d need one of these about 3 times bigger!
Then I’ve shown you some white wooden towers from Matalan (£22 each) that have 4 drawers each and to give you an idea how big and deep the drawers are, I’d say one drawer holds approximately 10 foundation bottles. So one drawer is actually quite roomy!

These are quite nice on display in the bedroom or bathroom- but of course they’re still not the perfect solution as they don’t hold everything.

So that’s what I do for now- the rest are stored in various big white wicker baskets and boxes until one day when I hopefully find a large enough unit to house it all.
If you have done a storage blog post please feel free to leave your link below so I can pop along and get ideas.

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