DIY Glittered Pumpkins

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This fall craft idea is so fast and easy that my daughter Ellie was able to help me out.

Here are 2 different looks you could use to make a glittered pumpkin:

(Above) No paint. Used Diamond Dust.

(Above) Added orange glitter and then added some fine glitter.


Paint brush
Paint (optional)
Glitter (I like Diamond Dust)

(OR if you are planning on making the darker orange pumpkin:)

FIRST: Buy Pumpkin(s).

I like to go to Micheals and buy the fake pumpkins so I can use them for the next few years.

SECOND: Put out some newspapers down and get a pan for the extra glitter to fall into.

NOTE: IF you want a different color on the pumpkin, make sure you paint the pumpkin and let it dry.

THIRD: Squeeze some glue in a small area and even it out with your paint brush.

(It helps if you have someone to help you hold the pumpkin in place.)

FOURTH: Sprinkle the glitter over the glued area.

FIFTH: Repeat step 4 and 5 over and over until finished. Try not to make a “seam” each time you start glueing, because it will show up thicker later.

SIXTH: Shake off any extra glitter and let it dry.

Just a note: I think it took me longer to write this up and post it than actually making it!

A few more example:

(Used embossing powder on the pumpkins above.)

Thanks Martha Stewart for the inspiration!

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