Ribbon Ornaments

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I saw some really cute ribbon ornaments in the Pottery Barn (Winter 07) catalogue. I didn’t think they were extremely expensive, but I knew I could make them for a lot less.

I could not stop thinking about them, so I decided I’d better just make them.

(Thanks PotteryBarn for the inspiration.)

I got some Styrofoam balls (3 different sizes), and some straight pins at my favorite craft store.. Michaels.
Next, I looked thru some ribbon & picked out a few coordinating prints.
Then, I got started!

The ribbon ornaments were so easy to make! Here are some quick directions:

Cut the ribbon to overlap about 2 inches on the ball.
Once the ribbon is overlapped, put a straight pin through the Styrofoam ball. Keep doing this around the whole ball, one row at a time.
Before you pin down the last piece of ribbon, make a loop with a coordinating ribbon for it to hang and pin it down.
 After you make the loop, pin in the last piece of ribbon.
If you want to hang a ribbon going the opposite direction, do it very last.

Hang on your tree, or wherever else!

Have fun.

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