Makeup: focus on the eyes

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To make your eyes look bright, you need to emphasize them. Before applying the shadows, you must use a nourishing cream. Half an hour before applying decorative cosmetics, lubricate the eyelids with moisturizing cream. Also, do not interfere with powder eyelids. This preparatory process will allow you to evenly apply shadows on the eyelids.

When you paint the eyelid, you need to tilt your head back slightly, then the shadows will lie flat and the pattern will be better. If you like to experiment and mix different colors of shadows – no problem. The most important thing in this process is to feather the border between several shades of shadows so that there is no rainbow effect. The excess amount of shadows can be removed using a cotton pad with powder. You must first apply lighter shades of shadows, and then dark.

❖ If you have small eyes, then you will help light pearly shadows. A clear eye contour and matte shadows, on the contrary, will only reduce them. Do not buy shadows on the principle of “like or dislike.” The color of the shadows should match the color of your eyes. However, do not be afraid to experiment with color. Paint the shadows on the lower part of the eyelid, and cover the moving eyelid and inner corners with light shades of light.

❖ If you have bulging eyes, there should be dark shadows in your cosmetic bag. You can use eyeliner or dark pencil. Apply a neutral shade to the upper part of the eyelid and add some dark shadows from below.

❖ With the help of shadows, you can narrow your wide-set eyes. To do this you will need light and dark shadows. On the inner corner of the eye, apply a dark shade of shadows, and on the mobile eyelid light.

❖ For deep-set eyes, use pearly light shades. You can circle the eyes with a liner or a dark pencil.

❖ If the eyes are set close, then your horse is an emphasis on the outer corners of the eyes. Cover inside corners with light shadows.

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