The only opinion that really matters is your truth

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Branding and logos are tricky things.

Ultimately, your business is NOT about you. So conventional wisdom would say that you should get the input of your tribe on things like your logo. (Or if you’re a hardcore direct response marketer, you ditch the logos altogether because they’re distracting and ruin your conversion rates.)

On the other hand, when you’re creating a business and the “brand” is you, well… the look and feel must resonate with you.

(One of my favorite people, a comics writer rockstar who taught me much of what I know about writing, cautions that if something in a story is bugging you even a little, change it before it goes to print because it’ll be with you forever. Same deal.)

The last time around on the rebranding tip, I didn’t have a clue about my logo, let alone anything else about how my site should look. Except for one thing: I knew my color scheme had to be red.

Why? Because my color has always been red. Even when I was a little kid with a bowl haircut. Quite simply, I rock the red – namely, a gorgeous dark blue/purple-y red. Period, end of.

So I asked Victoria to whip me up a logo. “Make it red,” I said. She did. And because I saw another marketer ask her list to weigh in on HER soon-to-be-new logo, I thought I needed to do the same.

So I did. And a couple of curious things happened.

First, I got a TON of feedback. Literally one third of my list responded – and that was before Survey Monkey broke. (The takeaway: when you ask for feedback on logos, you will get it!)

One of the people who responded was a woman I had met a few months earlier at an event – a bona fide branding whiz with years of Madison Avenue cred to back it up. Here is what she said:

“Have you/would you consider using a more ENERGETIC color? It’s critical to make sure your branding reflects your energy, your essence, your core being!

You just don’t come across to me, at any rate, as a dark red/ox blood red color kind of energy!”

She meant well. And clearly, from her perspective, I was not rocking the red. Thing is, she had met me for all of the proverbial five minutes. She didn’t know my “energy,” “essence” or “core being” and really had no business commenting on these things. (In fairness, I was hiding out, so there’s that.)

Long story short: the whole thing sent me into a tailspin of doubt. Ultimately, I ditched the red. And I have always, always regretted it.

In his book, Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill makes a distinction between wise counsel and opinions. Despite all of her branding wisdom (which I do not discount), this woman’s voice was an opinion.

And yet, that one opinion lead to hemming and hawing and churning and whinging and, ultimately, my poor choice of ditching what I’ve always know in my heart to be true: that my energy, essence, and core being rocks the red. Always has, always will.

I invite you to learn from my experience by asking yourself this question…

Where are you letting the opinions of others sway you from what you KNOW to be true… about your business, your clients, your work, yourself?

Even wise counsel is NOT a good reason to abandon your truth, especially when it comes to your heart work.

Bright blessings and massive success to you…

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